What is a virtual summit?

A virtual summit is an online event featuring a large number of experts on a topic (for this one, it is for play therapy) who provide valuable information through a series of recorded interviews that participants opt-in to (for free) to have access to the materials for a limited time (in this case, 24 hours!).

When is this Virtual Summit?

The first ever Virtual Summit designed exclusively for play therapists starts at 8am EST on August 25th and ends at midnight on August 28th.

How do I register? 

Just go here and enter your email to claim your free ticket! 

Who are the Speakers?

Jennifer has personally selected 20 of her favorite mental health professionals to participate in this Summit. Some have PhD's, most are play therapists, ALL are mental health professionals with tons of hours and experience using play therapy.

Wait...are there speakers that are not play therapists?

Actually, yes. And that's okay. The Association for Play Therapy does not require all speakers to be Registered Play Therapists. They are all required to be mental health professionals. A few of the Speakers have expertise in the area of play therapy but are not Registered Play Therapists. I've included them in this Summit because I know them personally and I KNOW what value they bring.

Where can I find out more about each Presentation?

Start with the homepage for the Summit- it gives you the basics of each presentation.  You can see the schedule of events on the Agenda page.  Or, if you click on any of the Speakers, it will take you directly to their page that gives you the program name, description and learning objectives as well as the Speaker's bio and background! Everything you need is on this website. 

So, what are they going to talk about?

The Summit presentations are divided in four main categories:

Play Therapy for Children Under 5 (Attachment Based Interventions)

Play Therapy with Special Populations (Sexual Abuse, Foster Care/Adoption, Autism)

Practical Play Therapy Tips (Water Play, Sand Tray, and More)

Trauma Focused and Theoretical

Is it really free?

Yes, the virtual summit itself is free. Each day, participants are given access to the Speaker Agenda for that day which includes 5 interviews. Those interviews are totally free to watch for 24 hours. The next day, you get a new set of interviews. The videos are free to watch for 24 hours only, so take advantage of the practical tips offered by these mental health experts during that time. 

What happens if I miss an Interview?

If you are worried that you can't listen to all of the interviews in the 24 hours or just know that you will want to listen again to get all the details, then you will want to purchase the All Access Pass. The All Access Pass gets you LIFETIME access to ALL of the Summit interviews (20 Speakers) so that you can listen anytime and from anywhere!

How much is the All Access Pass?

If you purchase the All Access Pass BEFORE the Summit starts, it is only $97! That means, you need to get in on this deal BEFORE August 25th when the Summit goes live. (Technically 11:59 pm on 8/24). Otherwise, the price will increase to $197 when the Summit ends on August 28th!

Where do I buy the All Access Pass?

Just go here to register and then you will be given the information to purchase the All Access Pass. Remember, it's just $97 until August 24th.  If during the Summit, you decide this is what you really need, there will be opportunities to purchase the All Access Pass during and after the Summit, BUT it will NEVER be this affordable again!

Do I get play therapy training credit?

YES- But ONLY with the purchase of the All Access Pass. Watch and learn from these expert speakers for FREE during the Summit. Just for watching, you will get valuable and practical tips to use in your practice right away. If you want play therapy credit, then you must purchase the All Access Pass to access the course evaluations and quizzes necessary for play therapy credit.

Are you an Approved Provider with APT?

Yep! Jennifer Taylor Play Therapy Services, LLC is the host of this Summit and is an approved provider with the Association for Play Therapy (Approved Provider 12-331). Some of the Speakers involved in the Summit are also Approved Providers; however, ALL credit for this Summit is provided by Jennifer Taylor Play Therapy Services.

Do you get play therapy contact or non-contact credit?

For this Summit, all credit hours are NON-CONTACT. But, there are plans to have the Play Therapy Summit 2.0 with hopes to have some contact hour credit at that time.

How many play therapy credits will I get?

With the purchase of the All Access Pass- you have access to all 20 Speakers and so you have the potential to earn 20 Play Therapy non-contact hour credits. Each Speaker is approved for 1 hour of non-contact credit and you can take the quizzes one at at time. So, credits are awarded as 20 different one hour certificates. That means that you don't have to listen to every Speaker to get credits. You can earn them one hour at a time over the next few months (although there is no time limit).

Will this count for my state licensure?

This Summit is not approved specifically by any professional board or state licensing department. You will need to check with your discipline/state board to see if any of these Speakers will be accepted for credit.

How do I access the materials after the Summit?

With the purchase of the All Access Pass, you will be given login instructions to the course membership site. After creating a login and password, you will have immediate access to the Course Dashboard which includes access to each and every Speaker in the Summit (Presentations will be available beginning August 25th). You also get access to any PowerPoints or other helpful resources that they have included.

What are the Bonus Materials you talked about?

Just for registering for the FREE Summit, you will get my Play Therapy A-Z Toolkit which is filled with 26 of my favorite play therapy resources.

When you purchase the All Access Pass, you also get access to my flagship starter course, "The First 10 Things To Learn About Play Therapy."

This one hour video is approved for 1 hour of play therapy non-contact hour credit (APT Approved Provider 12-331) and features Jennifer's top recommendations to get you started in your play therapy career.

This starter course (valued at $15) is included FREE with the All Access Pass. Get this FREE (only with the All Access Pass) course including course evaluation, quiz and certificate as my thank you gift to you!

What do I need to view the FREE Summit?

Just click on the button to register (email opt-in) for the free event. You will get the rest of the information through email with all of the details that you need and all of the links for the FREE event.

Then, August 25-28th, you just need an Internet connection, some free time and a big notepad!

Can I share this with a friend?

Share the link about the Summit with your friends and colleagues. But, don't share your login for the All Access Pass. Only one certificate is issued per login!

What is your refund policy?

You can view my official refund and cancellation policy here. But basically, since the online event is free, you don't have to worry about a refund. If you decide you don't want to participate, simply unsubscribe to the emails. If for some crazy reason, the Summit is cancelled, you will be notified by email.

For purchasers of the All Access Pass, you have 30 days to decide that this jam packed content is worth your time and money. No questions asked refunds can be issued anytime within your first 30 days. 

The only thing to remember is that NO refunds are issued after you obtain your first course certificate. So, take a look at all of the sessions and review all of the material within the first 30 days. If you like what you see, then start quizzing. If not, ask for a refund and you got it.